Celebrating the contributions of British Nigerians to the British society

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The ‘Home from Home’ project aims to explore the legacies of pioneering British Nigerians in the UK and their impact on society.

The project will highlight British Nigerian contributions to the cultural, political, educational, artistic, spiritual, and sporting life of Britain and London, in particular.

HfH Project Deliverables


‘Home from Home’ will provide 185 members of the public from varied backgrounds education


In collaboration with Oral History Society/National Life Stories at The British Library, Museum


There will be a one-day conference on ‘The Legacy of people of Nigerian Descent

Museum Tours

For additional learning and engagement with Nigerian arts and artefacts in London


For wider access and enjoyment of the project, we will take the project exhibition featuring the

Sharing Events

We will carry out various public engagement activities with mixed audiences to encourage further

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Home from Home project launch

Home from Home Achievements
Next Event
Watch out for the conference on ‘The Legacy of People of Nigerian Descent in Britain’, coming in October 2023.
Anthony Kolade

One good thing I learnt from this project working on the microsite is that it is possible to use video to create a panoramic picture display.  I have not done before, so I am learning. 

Anthony Kolade / CEO DGtal-Mind LTD
Dr Isaac Akande

How do we avoid the hazards of a single storyHome from Home is the answer to that questiona brilliant event.


Dr Isaac Akande / Clinical Psychologist and Lead for Community Inclusion, at Newham Secondary Care Psychological Services 
Martin Pinder

Congratulations for your excellent "Home from Home" Launch @ Stratford Old Town Hall the other week. Sterling stuff. I look forward to trying to attend follow-up sessions.


Martin Pinder / Honorary Secretary, Newham Partnership for Complementary Education
Project Leaders
Alex Oma-Pius FRSA

Alex Oma-Pius FRSA

HfH Project Director

Neema Kambona

Neema Kambona

HfH Project Coordinator

Ife Adedeji

Ife Adedeji

HfH Marketing/Comms Consultant

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